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YES October meeting

The AI generation

By Iris Lee

For our October 2022 meeting, Allison Zhang introduced the esteemed speaker Douglas Lautner, who spoke to us about artificial intelligence.

He taught us about the importance of listening to change. For example, decades ago the tech we have today didn’t exist. Now, however, businesses can interact with people all around the world in seconds.

Dr. Lautner told us that more advanced AI would be the new change for our generation by showing us a graph, it showed that in ten years AI would be able to write high school essays. Moving further down, AI would be able to conduct surgeries. Even today, AI can already assist in surgeries. AI’s fast pace of growth can only mean one thing, the replacement of jobs. Chipotle has started introducing robots called ‘Chippy’ to make and deliver food. Dominos has also been taking steps to have robot delivery drivers instead of humans.

Technology at this level has already been around for years, but it hasn’t been deployed. For three reasons, infrastructure, regulations, and social acceptance. Many people aren’t ready to have robots deliver food to them, or drive them to places.

Next, Dr. Lautner told us about a shocking project in which AI and neuroscience are combined. Surgeons will be able to connect machines to a person’s nervous system and mimic actual neuron behavior. Parkinson's patients will be unable to control their own bodies. But with this new invention, AI can give control back to patients and stop their bodies from shaking.

Dr. Lautner does understand why people would be afraid of tech like this, though. There are many safety concerns like if the device to control someone’s nerves falls into the wrong hands. “But that is where cyber security comes in”, he said. Therefore, it will be a constant battle between cyber security and hackers.

In conclusion, the speaker gives us advice to not lose sight of the future of tech. For those who want to be entrepreneurs, not paying attention to technology will cause the loss of many opportunities for inventions that can change the world and help people.

After his amazing presentation, Bryan, Benjamin, Ian, Allen, Sally, and Amie came up to tell a little bit about their experience at the Frisco Art and Run. Many YES members placed high on the ranks and everyone there had fun exercising and looking at performances and murals.

Then, Olivia and Iris spoke about a meet-the-author event at the Dallas Museum of Art. In their eyes, the event was an eye-opening experience.

For the meeting activity, everyone grouped together for a YES Launch Program. This consisted of groups coming up with ideas and pitching them to the judges, who would then ask questions. It was a lot like the show Shark Tank! Some crazy and wacky ideas were presented and YES members had a great laugh.

The October meeting was great and YES looks forward to seeing you in November!

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