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Derek Zhang is a senior at Jesuit Dallas who plays on the school hockey team and clarinet in the marching band. He is excited for another great year at YES and the opportunity to connect with everyone here.

Senior Advisor

James Lu is a senior and a passionate explorer of STEM-related fields. He ranked highly in multiple state-level math and science competitions and was awarded the ACP Youth Award for Excellence in STEM in 2019. This summer, James was also admitted to the Welch Summer Scholar Program, a prestigious research program offered for high school students. Outside of his interest in STEM, James also participates actively in many extracurricular activities such as orchestra and MUN and is the president and co-founder of Highland Park Youth Toastmasters. He is also a two-time recipient of the Gold level President Volunteer Service Award. James has experience in a variety of fields including AI, social entrepreneurship, and economics. James enjoys YES because of the opportunities it provides to connect with and learn from influential business entrepreneurs. He looks forward to honing his business skills at YES this year.

Executive Vice President

Amy Tian is a senior at The Hockaday School. She loves sunsets, stars, playing tennis, and trying new food in her free time. YES has provided her with plenty of volunteering and learning opportunities, along with unforgettable friendships.

Executive Vice President

Thomas Lu is a senior and an academically accomplished scholar. He has participated in many STEM competitions and earned awards at all levels, most notably the ACP Youth Award of Excellence in STEM in 2019. He was ranked top ten in the state of Texas GeoBee Contest when in sixth grade, and received National Grand Recognition from Duke University TIP program in seventh grade. During the last two years in Highland Park High School, he won a few academic awards including Texas Mathematics and Science Coach Association State Meet, 2nd Place Overall, 2nd Place in Math, 3rd Place in Science in March 2019, Calculus Bowl in March 2020. In his leisure time, he loves traveling with his family and has been to all fifty states and 40 countries on six continents around the world. He also likes playing chess with his teammates in an afterschool club, and once was placed #1 in Los Angeles Area Scholastic Chess Contest. Thomas is also a founding member of Highland Park Youth Toastmasters and currently serves as its VP Membership. He has also volunteered regularly at the Perot Museum in downtown Dallas, and has earned two Gold Level Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. Thomas enjoys YES because of its members and informative meetings that are not just limited to business, but also include finance, healthcare, and more.


Lily Fu is a senior at The Hockaday School, and this will be her third year at YES. Throughout her years with this organization, YES has provided her with social networking events, volunteering opportunities, and tips on business management. In her free time, Lily enjoys playing piano, baking, reading, and going for walks.

lily pic - Lily Fu.jpg

David Hu is an 8th grader at St. Marks School of Texas. He is 13 years old. In his free time, he plays basketball and water polo. His hobbies include robotics and math.

Vice President
of Event Planning

Kevin Su is a sophomore at Heritage High School in Frisco ISD. In his free time, he loves participating in his community through various clubs and organizations like BPA and Cash Club, volunteering experiences, and also spending his time on his hobbies like playing basketball, fishing, and reading. At YES, he will be serving as the VP of Event Planning from 2021-2022, and will coordinate and plan upcoming YES events in the future along with the rest of the leadership team to have an amazing upcoming year at YES!

Event Planning Manager

Jeannette Yang is a sophomore at Greenhill school and is on the Greenhill varsity worlds school debate team. She is involved in many political and business activities as those are my main interests and have done quite a bit of volunteer work in those areas. In her free time she dances, invests, write cases for upcoming debate tournaments, and plays the guitar. She joined the leadership team because she has a huge interest in business and YES is a great opportunity to network and make those connections that are so important especially in the business world. She wants to share the abundance of knowledge that all our guest speakers have with you and is so excited to for this year!

Copy of BA15E3A6-634F-476E-B729-94992EB9F00F - Jeannette Yang.jpeg
Event Planning Manager

Henderson is a rising junior at Greenhill school. He enjoys volunteering and is frequently seen helping out at various locations through the Young Mans Service League (YMSL) group. Henderson enjoys cello and is playing in Greenhill's orchestra. He participates in volleyball and runs Track and Field but enjoys martial arts outside of school. As an avid learner and business enthusiast, Henderson joined Greenhill's business club and YES in hopes to foster relationships, find opportunities and learn from his peers.

headshot - Henderson sama.JPG
Vice President
of Fundraising

Matthew Fan is a rising senior at St. Mark's. Throughout high school, he has developed an interest in STEM-related fields and pursued this passion by working on projects with UT Dallas in areas like machine learning. With his skills, he has also helped develop event intelligence models as an intern, gaining real industry experience in applying AI. Outside of science, he also has a strong entrepreneurial spirit through participating in YES meetings and creating his own entrepreneurial endeavors. In his free time, Matthew enjoys playing golf and tutoring other students.

Fundraising Manager

Andy is a rising freshman at Highland Park High School. Besides attending YES meetings he is also a member of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, an active member of the HPYT Toastmasters gavel club, and also a member of the Highland Park JV Tennis Team. Andy is excited to serve as a Fundraising Manager at YES this year!

Copy of 23CBDE8F-0EDE-4EED-9DFE-C6A7B3818E74 - Andy Xu.jpeg
Fundraising Manager

Selina Wang is a rising Junior at Highland Park High School. In school, she is a member of the Lads&Lassies choir. This is going to be her second year in the Youth Entrepreneur Society and she will be serving as the Fundraising Manager.

4C2DD81C-66F5-42DA-8150-032781353D57 - Catalina Zuo.jpeg
Vice President
of Community Involvement and Journalism

Catalina Zuo is a junior at Rock Hill High School. She participates in many clubs and competitions in school, including UIL Academics and Speech and Debate. She had qualified for the National Speech and Debate tournament in her second year of competing, and is currently the Vice President of her school’s debate team. Outside of school, Catalina enjoys volunteering and socializing. This year, she hopes to be more involved and build new connections in YES.


Olivia is a sophomore at Highland Park High School. She likes playing tennis and is part of the junior varsity team at school. Also, Olivia likes to bake and crochet in her freetime. She is part of the Crochet Club at Highland Park. She likes YES because it provides opportunities for students to meet leaders and learn entrepreneurship from them. As a journalist, she will take notes and summarize events to share with members.


Sarah Tang is a rising junior at the Hockaday School. She is very passionate about Business and STEM related fields. Outside of her passions, Sarah also enjoys travelling and hiking in her free time. Sarah believes YES will help many people explore the Business field and form connections. She looks forward to meeting new people and to help grow YES this year.

Community Involvement Manager

Daisy Gan is a junior going to a program called Texas Academy of Math and Sciences at UNT. Her dream is to slowly undo the damage humans have done to the Earth and make sure the planet is still livable after a century. If that doesn't work out, she can draw, write, and make jokes. Daisy is very excited to be a part of the officer team.

Community Involvement Manager

Jacky Xiao is a rising junior attending Lebanon Trail high school. He is a co-president in the organization known as Citizens of Tomorrow. He also achieved the Gold level President Volunteer Service Award. Jacky is passionate about making friends and helping others out. Jacky hopes to learn from successful entrepreneurs and peers this year at YES. He looks forward to improving himself this year.

IMG_2291 - Platinum Blade.JPG
Vice President
of  Fundraising and Historian Records

William Li is a senior at Liberty High School. He is involved in many clubs both in and outside of school. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, playing piano, stargazing, and playing video games. This year, he is excited to be able to learn and grow at YES, as well as contribute to the organization in a positive way.


Kathy is a junior at Plano West Senior high. She joined YES because it has a promising future and provides a multitude of resources for growing entrepreneurs. She enjoys drawing and reading in my spare time. It’s her first time as a historian, and for her, it’s a very valuable and special opportunity. She’ll definitely do her best for everyone at YES, and she looks forward to this year!


Allison Zhang is a rising sophomore at Jasper High School. This year will be their 3rd year at YES, and she is looking forward to having a fun, educating, and eventful time with everyone in this community. Allison is involved in many clubs and activities within their school, and volunteers frequently with the leadership group 5C. In addition, she loves to draw in her free time, and has won multiple awards in art, such as advancing to state with the art contest Reflections. This year Allison will be serving as one of YES’s historians, and can’t wait to begin.

1EE869C3-D898-4110-9665-C737D04D2EE6 - ally.jpeg
Social Media Manager

Jiayu Fan is a 10th grader at Jasper High School. He is knowledgeable about STEM fields such as computer science and programming, which his project made into the regional science fair. He is also experienced with video editing and his project in digital media earned national finalist award in BPA. In his free time, he like to play piano and play games to relax. His music skill was decent and he had pass piano level 8 and he is trying to pass level 10 this year.

Social Media Manager

Tina Shen is a rising junior at Plano West Senior High. She is a passionate advocate for human and women's rights, as well as accessible education. She is a member of DECA, BPA, FNHS, GSA, and KEY. Outside of her school/work- related activities, she enjoys making art, playing and listening to music, watching horror movies, and reading detective thrillers.


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