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Co-Founder, Senior Advisor

Macy Su is the Co-Founder and inaugural President of Youth Entrepreneur Society. Her mission for YES was to create a platform for Chinese Americans to further their interests in particular fields outside of STEM with a base in business. She believes in the importance of foundational entrepreneurial skills like communication, passion, and ambition. Macy first started YES as a rising junior at Heritage High School in the summer of 2018 and continued to serve and lead into her senior year. She hopes to become more involved in public service and serve as a trailblazer for minorities. Macy is attending Vanderbilt University, where she is studying Human and Organizational Development, Political Science, and Business. On campus, her involvements include but are not limited to: Vanderbilt Women in Government, Vanderbilt Student Government, and Tour Guides. In her free time, Macy enjoys writing, reading, cooking, and hiking outdoors.

Co-Founder, Senior Advisor

Fiona Chen is a senior at the Hockaday School and co-founded the Youth Entrepreneur Society in 2018. She served as both vice-president and president in the past. Fiona is passionate about making a positive impact through business and the fine arts. This coming year, Fiona is looking forward to continuing the YES business initiative, working with the new leadership team, and meeting new members. As for activities, Fiona plays the harp, dives in a club and at school, participates in the school drill team, makes ceramics, does studio art, and loves baking and watching sunsets.

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