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Kevin Su is a junior at Heritage High School. He is passionate about the fields of Business and other STEM-related fields. Through engaging in many extracurriculars throughout his community, he is not only able to serve and help others, but also help fuel others to find their passions. Currently involved in events such as BPA and DECA and further involvement in research and many science affiliated activities like ISEF and TJAS, he is able to learn and apply experience directly in the field. Kevin serves in Superintendent Student Council and Mayor's Youth Council. As the YES President this year, he hopes to utilize his experience in creating an improved atmosphere in YES, aspiring to provide a learning platform of business, entrepreneurship, and finding their passions.

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Executive Vice President
Catalina Zuo

Catalina Zuo is a senior at Rock Hill High School. With her main interests in STEM, specifically chemistry, she has been involved in activities including UIL Science, USNCO, and research related to biomedical engineering. She is also active in a local Toastmasters program and her school’s Speech and Debate team, with goals to build skills as a public speaker and communicator. Through YES, Catalina has not only gained understanding of entrepreneurship, but also business professionalism and leadership. From speaker events to volunteer opportunities, Catalina hopes to help more students gain access to the opportunities and support through their journey as leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Olivia Xiao

Olivia is a Junior at Highland Park High School, and this is her third year at YES. Outside of YES, she is part of the Cancer Kids First club and her school’s tennis team. She enjoys baking and art, and founded Baking with Purpose. As a treasurer for YES this year, she will keep track of payments and help manage finances. Olivia is looking forward to a great year and is excited to learn more about leadership and entrepreneurship!

Vice President
of Social Media and Journalism
Selina Wang

Selina is a Senior at Highland Park High School, and this is her 3rd year at YES. Outside of YES, she serves as the co-president of Citizens Of Tomorrow and the VP of Education for the Highland Park Youth Toastmasters. Selina also loves singing in her school’s varsity choir, the Lads and Lassies, and serving her community with her talent. As the VP of Journalism and Social Media this year, Selina hopes to continue to learn more about entrepreneurship and leadership in YES and serve the rest of the members in the organization.

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Social Media Officer
Luke Yang

Luke is a sophomore at Emerson High School this year. This is his first year as YES’s Social Media Manager. He enjoys playing tennis, video games, along with biking. He hopes to make YES more fun and exciting each year. 

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Social Media Manager
Sally Wang

Sally is a sophomore at Highland Park High School, and this is her 3rd year as a YES member. Sally enjoys drawing and practicing piano, and is also involved in the Citizens of Tomorrow and Highland Park Youth Toastmasters Club. As the Social Media Manager for this year, Sally hopes to let more people know about YES and learn more about entrepreneurship and leadership.

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Iris Lee

Iris is a freshman at Lovejoy High School, and she enjoys art, reading, and hanging out with friends. YES is an amazing place because it gives many opportunities to connect with new people, and listening to the many speakers throughout the year is a great educational experience. As a journalist this year, my goal is to crank out informative articles.

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Jenny Shi

Jenny is a sophomore at Highland Park High School, and she is looking forward to serving as one of the YES Journalists this year. YES has helped her gain many new experiences and opportunities to explore leadership and entrepreneurship. Jenny is involved in orchestra, robotics, and a variety of clubs at school. Her hobbies include swimming, reading, and biking. As a journalist, Jenny will be taking notes and writing articles for each YES meeting.

Vice President
of Historian Records
Allison Zhang

Allison Zhang is a junior at Plano West Senior High and this is her 4th year at YES. As an AP scholar with Distinction, she is passionate in STEM and Business, and enjoys working on personal art projects on the side. Allison volunteers frequently with the leadership group 5C and NTFB, earning her the Presidential award every year since 9th grade. At school, she is an officer for the Plano West SOAR club and the Robotics team,  and in her free time, Allison loves to draw and has won multiple awards in art. As the V.P of Historian Records this year, she hopes that her contributions will help YES members in learning more about business and entrepreneurship

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Historian Records Manager
Kathy Mei

Kathy is a senior at Plano West Senior High. This is her 4th year at YES; last year she served as photographer at YES, and this year she is photographer manager. She is a student interested in graphic design and illustration, and she is doing her best to make this year at YES its best year yet.

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Eric Yi

Eric is a sophomore at St. Mark’s School of Texas. This is his 2nd year at YES. He’s involved in journalism and rowing. He’s serving as one of the historians this year and is looking forward to another great year with YES!

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Alice Cai

Alice is a sophomore at Jasper High School this year, and she is an active member in her school orchestra, art program, and Citizens of Tomorrow. This is her third year at YES, and she has learned a lot about the business world as well as leadership through being a member. Alice is one of the historians and will be working to provide photographic services during meetings as well as record memories for the organization throughout the year. She’s excited for another great year at YES!

Vice President
of Fundraising
Jiayu Fan

Jiayu is a Junior at Plano West Senior High, and this is his third year at YES.  He really likes to play piano and video games in his free time. He is also experienced in various STEM activities such as coding and designing apps.  He also won the National Finalist on BPA for digital media production and first place for Youth Team Appathon Challenge 2022. Aside from that, he also enjoys helping communities to do what he can to help the community. He really enjoys the engaging activities in YES and wishes to contribute to it to make YES a better place.

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Fundraising Manager
Abraham Zhang

Abe is a sophomore at Jasper High School, and this is his 2nd year at YES. He’s involved mainly in speech and debate, academic quizbowl, and several other political and business related clubs, and loves playing basketball and reading. He’s serving as your Fundraising Manager this year, and will help coordinate and execute various fundraising activities for YES. He’s looking forward to another great year with everyone involved!

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Fundraising Officer
Allen Zhang

Allen is a freshman at Jesuit Dallas , participating in the school’s band program and Varsity hockey team. Brother of Derek Zhang, Allen is looking to connect with other members during his second year as a YES member and his first year as a fundraising officer.

Vice President
of  Event Planning and Community Involvement
Jeanette Yang

Jeannette Yang is a Junior at Greenhill School and is the YES Vice President of Event Planning and Community Involvement. Jeannette is passionate about economics, business, and international relations and hopes to major in one of those fields in college. Apart from being involved in many clubs and running an investment club at her highschool, Jeannette is involved in her high school's Varsity Debate team. She was a Semi-Finalist at the TFA State Tournament and also placed in the Top 10 at World Schools Nationals. Jeannette is also an avid competition dancer at Prodigy Dance Center. She is excited to see what this next year as Vice President will bring!

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Community Involvement Manager
Andy Xu

Andy is a sophomore at Highland Park High School. He is a member of the school’s tennis team. He is also an officer at the Highland Park Youth Toastmasters and the Asian Culture and Education Society. He is looking forward to a great year at YES and learning more about the business world.

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Community Involvement Manager
Emma Lin

Emma is a sophomore at The Hockaday School, and this is her second year at YES. She plays viola and participates in TMEA and TPSMEA, as well as her school’s art program. She also volunteers and has earned a gold presidential service award. This is her first year as the Community Involvement Officer!

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Event Planning Manager
Amy Xu

Amy is a sophomore at Highland Park High School and this is her 3rd year at YES. While her main interests are music, art, and baking, she is also involved with the  Highland Park Youth Toastmasters, the Asian Culture and Education Society USA, and Citizens of Tomorrow, as well as other clubs. She is also part of the Highland Park High School Band. She hopes to have another successful year at YES.

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Event Planning Officer
Bryan Tong

Boon Bin Tong (Bryan) is a sophomore at Jasper High School, and this is his second year at YES. His interests are in business, public speaking and video editing, and outside of YES, he holds othet leadership positions in Citizens of Tomorrow and JLTM Toastmasters. Bryan hopes to serve this organization as much as he can as its Event Planning officer  and learn about business and leadership from it. He believes that this year will be a great year, and that we will all have memorable times together!

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