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Jeannette Yang is a Senior at Greenhill School and is the President of YES. She is passionate about economics, business, and international relations and hopes to major in one of those fields in college. Apart from being involved in many clubs and running an investment club at her highschool, Jeannette is involved in her high school's Varsity Debate team. She was a Semi-Finalist at the TFA State Tournament and also placed in the Top 10 at World Schools Nationals. Jeannette is also an avid competition dancer at Prodigy Dance Center. She hopes this year's impact focus will help out the extended community and allow everyone to grow stronger together.

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Senior Advisor 
Kevin Su 

Kevin Su is a senior at Heritage High School. He is passionate about the fields of Business and other STEM-related fields. Through engaging in many extracurriculars throughout his community, he is not only able to serve and help others, but also help fuel others to find their passions. Currently involved in events such as BPA and DECA and further involvement in research and many science affiliated activities like ISEF and TJAS, he is able to learn and apply experience directly in the field. Kevin serves in Superintendent Student Council and Mayor's Youth Council. As the Senior Advisor this year, he hopes to utilize his experience in creating an improved atmosphere in YES, aspiring to provide a learning platform of business, entrepreneurship, and finding their passions.

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Executive Vice President
Jiayu Fan

Jiayu Fan is a senior at Plano West Senior High School; he is going to be the EVP of YES from 2023-2024. He enjoys learning STEM related knowledge and attended various clubs about programming and internships about data engineering. As a junior, he successfully won the Youth Team first place prize for the MIT Appathon Challenge by building a recycling app. During his free time, Jiayu also likes to play piano and attended various competitions about piano. He also excels at video editing and won the BPA National Finalist award for digital media when he was in 9th grade. This year, Jiayu wants to help others in the community to learn more about business knowledges and expands YES’s influence to more other people who would collaborate with YES to make the community a better place.

Executive Vice President
Olivia Xiao

Olivia is a senior at Highland Park High School and EVP for YES this year. She likes learning business and communication skills at YES. Her hobbies include tennis and baking. She plays on her school’s varsity tennis team and is also on the Academic Decathlon team at her school. She founded Bake with Purpose, a baking nonprofit with a friend. She is looking forward to a great year at YES!!

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Executive Vice President
Allison Zhang

Allison Zhang is a senior at Plano West Senior High and this is her 5th year at YES. As an AP scholar with Distinction, she is passionate in STEM and Business, and enjoys working on personal art projects on the side. Allison volunteers frequently with the leadership group 5C and NTFB, earning her the Presidential award every year since 9th grade. At school, she is an officer for the Plano West SOAR club and the Robotics team,  and in her free time, Allison loves to draw and has won multiple awards in art. As the V.P of Historian Records this year, she hopes that her contributions will help YES members in learning more about business and entrepreneurship

David Hu

David is a sophomore at Highland Park High School and is YES’s treasurer for the 2023-2024 school year. This will be David’s 3rd year at YES. Aside from YES, David is member of FTC robotics team 8565 Technicbots. David’s hobbies include: gaming, going to the gym, computers, cello, and swimming. David looks forward to another great year at YES.

Andy Xu

Andy Xu is a junior at Highland Park High School and is the Vice President of Event Planning and Community Involvement. Outside of YES, he is a member of his Highland Park’s tennis team, fundraising manager at Citizens of Tomorrow, and also Treasurer for the Highland Park Youth Toastmasters club. Andy greatly enjoys learning about the business world and hopes to pursue this passion later in life. He is looking forward to a great year at YES, and hopes to find a multitude of meaningful community outreach events for YES members to attend. 

Vice President
of Event Planning and Community Involvement
Community Involvement Manager
Emma Lin

Emma is a junior at The Hockaday School. As a member of the 2022-2023 Teen Leadership Council for the Dallas Arboretum, she has demonstrated her commitment to protecting our planet and engaging others in environmental stewardship. She has been honored with the prestigious Presidential Service Award, achieving the gold level from 2021 to 2023. Emma is a member of the TPSMEA All-State Orchestra as a viola player, and she is also the president and founder of the Aster Craft Non-profit organization for children with special needs,offers children the opportunity to explore various art activities, such as painting and sculpting, in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Community Involvement Officer
Valerie Chew

Valerie Chew is a junior at Lebanon Trail High School and a Community Involvement Officer for the YES leadership. She is excited about the opportunity to learn more about business and gain insight about jobs related to the industry. Aside from YES, Valerie participates in various clubs and organizations at her school, including NHS and DECA, while also playing drum set in a jazz group. She looks forward to the upcoming year working with YES.

Community Involvement Officer
Eric Qian

Eric Qian is a sophomore at Jasper High School and is thrilled to be part of the YES officer team as a Community Involvement Officer! He greatly enjoys both business-related activities and the arts. Currently, he extensively participates in speech and debate; as a freshman, he advanced to elimination rounds at both the Texas Forensics Association State Tournament and the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions. Eric is also heavily involved in choir, serving as an officer for his school choir, and piano, having placed at numerous local and state piano competitions. Throughout this coming year, Eric hopes to look at what businesses can do for their communities and how YES can give back to the public.

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Event Planning Manager
Jenny Shi

Jenny is a Junior at Highland Park High School and she is looking forward to serving as the YES Event Planning Manager this year. YES has helped her gain many new experiences and opportunities to explore leadership and entrepreneurship. Jenny is involved in orchestra and a variety of clubs at school. Her hobbies include swimming, reading, and crocheting. As the event planning manager, Jenny will be overseeing the planning of and managing all aspects of YES events.

Event Planning Officer
Josephina Qiu

Josephina is a sophomore at Jasper High School and will be serving the YES officer team as an Event Planning Officer for the 2023-2024 school year. As a business enthusiast, she is particularly interested in fields of marketing and business development. Aside from holding event planning positions in clubs such as Citizens of Tomorrow, Josephina is an avid member in her school’s varsity speech and debate program, having competed in multiple tournaments in the past year for public forum debate. She also enjoys tutoring students in liberal arts related subjects and regularly volunteers tutoring on her own time and in other organizations. Beyond academics, Josephina enjoys playing violin, making it into top TMEA all-region groups multiple times and being actively involved in her school's orchestra as a program officer. In the upcoming year, Josephina hopes to not only foster connections with her peers but also plan events that will help further YES’s impact on surrounding communities.

Event Planning Officer
Vivian Zhou

Vivian Zhou is a freshman at The Hockaday School and is excited to serve as the Event Planning Officer for the 2023-2024 YES season. She has extensive experience in communication and leading a team as the Vice President on her grade’s Student Council board and the former President of the Middle School Orchestra at Hockaday. She aspires to learn from the opportunities at YES to enhance her leadership and interpersonal communication skills. Beyond YES, Vivian is an accomplished cellist with three years of training within and outside her school’s orchestra, where she was nominated to perform at Carnegie Hall with a highly selective orchestra and participated in the TPSMEA MS Honor Orchestra. She is an avid debater at her school with a background of three years focusing in rhetoric. Through this invaluable experience provided by YES, she wishes to gain a wealth of insight to the business world and related fields.

Vice President
of Fundraising 
Allen Zhang

Allen Zhang is a sophomore at Jesuit Dallas and will be YES’s 2023-2024 Vice President of Fundraising. Excluding school service, he dedicates his time to his community by leading and contributing to several volunteering organizations. Previously, Allen was an officer of the YES fundraising team and, in a non-profit ESL organization, Citizens of Tomorrow, is the president of Marketing. He plays the forward position for Jesuit’s varsity gold hockey team, which competed at the 2023 USA Hockey High School National Championships. Outside his school team, Allen competed for a spot at the USA Hockey National Player Development Camp through the USA Rocky Mountain District hockey development camp. Furthermore, as a clarinetist for the Jesuit Ursuline Ranger band, he placed seventh chair for the 2022-2023 TPSMEA all-state band in 9th grade. He looks forward to another great year at YES, including connecting with other officers and fundraising for YES. 

Fundraising Manager
Nathaniel Zhang

Nathaniel Zhang is a rising junior at Liberty High School and Fundraising Manager for the 2023-2024 school year. He is proud to hold an active role in Y.E.S which provides insightful opportunities, offering mentors and support to educate and create tomorrow's leaders, providing exclusive opportunities in an environment that supports risk-taking and innovation. As a YES Officer, with his passion for serving, his experience as the president of several clubs like the Chinese Cultural Club, Liberty High School Chess Club, and Boy Scouts, where he was the SPL, equivalent of President, managing 150+ Individuals.  Nathaniel is exceptionally ardent in helping teach and educate others on what he has been taught, paramount life skills, such as an entrepreneur sentiment and leadership, as well as growing in the process. Throughout this year, he will help to create the next generation of great thinkers and esteemed leaders of the future.

Fundraising Officer 
Amie Zhang

Amie Zhang is a junior at Highland Park High School and is the Fundraising Manager. Outside of YES, she is the Vice President of Operations in Citizens of Tomorrow as well as a captain for her school’s robotics club. Amie enjoys spending her free time drawing and biking. She looks forward to being an officer for YES this year and helping the club!

Fundraising Officer
Keon Attarha 

Keon is a rising junior at Plano West Senior High and is a Fundraising Officer for the 2023-2024 school year. He has been interested in business and entrepreneurship all his life, and hopes to pass on his love of these topics to the rest of the YES team. Outside of YES, Keon plays ice hockey and violin for Plano West. He hopes to make it a great year for everyone involved in our YES community!

Vice President
of  Historian Records
Boon Bin Tong (Bryan)

Boon Bin Tong (Bryan) is a junior at Plano West Senior High and is the Vice President of Historian Records. This will be his third year in YES, and he will do his very best to contribute to the organization wherever and whenever possible. Outside of YES, Bryan devotes his time volunteering and serving in officer positions in various organizations such as JLTM Toastmasters DFW and Citizens of Tomorrow, and he also plays the viola and video edit in his free time. Bryan is looking forward to another great year at YES!

Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 11.24.17 AM.png
Historian Records Manager
Alice Cai 

Alice Cai is a junior at Plano West Senior High School and the Historian Records Manager at YES for the 2023-2024 year. She is interested in business and design and as well as had the opportunity to explore a variety of fields and leadership through being a member of the organization. Alice also is devoted to serving her community through volunteering regularly as one of the presidents of a nonprofit called Citizens of Tomorrow, the National Art Honor Society, and various other organizations. Throughout the year, she hopes to help the organization with records and other services during meetings.

Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 11.43.23 AM.png
Ella Liu 

Ella Liu is a junior at Allen High School and the Historian at YES for the 2023-2024 school year. Although Ella has interests in the STEM field, she is also open to learning other fields like business. Asides from YES, she is an avid level 8 piano player as well as holding leadership roles in clubs outside and at her school. She is part of many other clubs such as Math Honor Society (MHS) and IDEA, where they teach Chinese kids how to speak English. In her free time, Ella loves listening to music, doodling, and helping out other kids with disabilities through volunteering. As the historian, she hopes to help keep track of activities going on in YES.

Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 11.44.07 AM.png
Kathy Xia 

Kathy is a sophomore at Jasper High School and excited to document YES moments as a Historian for the 2023-2024 school year. She is interested in the STEM and Fine Arts field, actively participating in arts competitions like VASE and Scholastics, and All Region Orchestra auditions. Aside from school, she is also involved in several nonprofit organizations such as Nihao, holding student officer positions. She is looking forward to working together with other officers in the upcoming year.

Vice President
of  Social Media and Journalism
Sally Wang

Sally is a Junior at Highland Park High School and will be serving as the Vice President of Social Media and Journalism at YES. Outside of school, Sally dedicates her time creating art, practicing piano, as well as serving her community. This past year, Sally has won a National Gold Medal at the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition. In addition, Sally is the President of the Program Planning and Developing department at Citizens of Tomorrow, the Vice President of Education at Highland Park Youth Toastmasters Club, and one of the captains for her school’s robotics team. Sally also co-founded Bake with Purpose with one of her friends to use baking to help the underserved within her community. This coming year Sally hopes to not only continue to seek her interest in business at YES, but also to utilize her skills and experience to inspire the rest of her peers into becoming future leaders that will impact our community.

Social Media Manager
Amy Xu

Amy Xu is a junior at Highland Park High School and the Social Media Manager of YES for the 2023-2024 season. Last year, she was the Event Planning manager and assisted in planning the events and parties. Outside of YES, Amy is the Vice President of Membership of the Highland Park Youth Toastmasters, the Vice President of Asian Culture and Education Society (USA), the Director of Event Planning in Citizens of Tomorrow, and a member of the HPHS Band, the latin club, and the Equinox club. During her free time, she enjoys to play music, draw, and bake. Through her years of experience at numerous organizations, Amy strives to help the YES community thrive and become a more robust club. 

Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 11.44.48 AM.png
Social Media Officer
Sarah Yan 

Sarah Yan is a Junior at Prestonwood Christian Academy and holds the position of social media officer. She exhibits a profound passion for business, particularly in the domains of marketing, advertisement, and finance. Sarah also holds her own business club at the school, in addition to actively participating in various clubs, including the student leadership institution. Moreover, she takes pleasure in tutoring students across all subjects and excels as a valuable member of her school's varsity tennis team. She looks forward to YES not only raising awareness within the YES community through various social media platforms but also extending its reach beyond YES to assist and contribute to the broader community.

Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 11.24.27 AM.png
Social Media Officer
Tiffany Zhang 

Tiffany Zhang is a sophomore at Clark High School and is a Social Media Officer at YES for the 2023-2024 school year. This is her third year at YES, and first year in the officer team. Outside of YES, she participates in dance and VEX robotics. She also enjoys creating art in her free time. She hopes that as a Social Media Officer this year she can let more people know about YES through social media. She is looking forward to another great year at YES!

Journalist Manager
Iris Lee

Iris Lee is a sophomore at Lovejoy High School and Journalist Manager of YES for the 2023-2024 school year. Iris is greatly interested in policy making, law, and removing barriers to people’s inclusion. Besides YES, she plays leadership roles in various clubs inside and out of her school that are related to her passion. During her free time, she loves to rock climb, read, and spend time with her three cats. As the Journalist Manager this year, her goal is to expand YES’s impact through quality event articles and effective community outreach. She also looks forward to learning speakers’ experiences in impacting the world and serving the community. 

Annie Chen

Annie Chen is a Sophomore at Vines High School and a journalist for YES. With much enthusiasm for community involvement and developing new skills, she’s willing to try anything at least once. This is what led her to become a member of her campus’s speech and debate team, student council, as well as the president of the Vines 23-24 chapter of NHS. Additionally, Annie also enjoys making art in varying mediums as a hobby, having won awards at both district and state competition levels. Currently in her second year at YES, she’s especially excited to contribute in expanding the impact of YES to a more extended demographic.

Michael Liu

Michael Liu is a rising Junior at Coppell High school and is a Journalist at YES. He is highly passionate in the field of computer science and hopes to utilize such expertise in this upcoming chapter at YES and beyond in his professional career. Beyond academics and his position at YES, Michael has consistently practiced and competed in fencing nationally for over seven years, and hopes to persuade such talents beyond high school. Furthermore, Michael has been involved in various school clubs and organizations, most notably his position as vice president of his school’s TSA chapter and team captain of his national qualifying team. Ultimately, Liu hopes to foster a new chapter of entrepreneurs in an engaging and diverse experience at YES.

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