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YES November Meeting

The Future of Careers & the Workplace

By Jenny Shi

This year’s November YES meeting invited Angelia Pelham to attend and discuss her view on the future of careers and the workplace for the upcoming generation. She believes that the new generation will have one of the best workplace environments due to all the new changes this generation has caused.

Before examining the differences in the workplace, Angelia describes the two essential questions the young generation should consider before working. First, ask what career prospects are of interest, then reflect on why. It’s important to know what you want to do and why because having a good understanding of goals creates motivation to carry it through to the future. The reasons for a future career aspect should be anchored in knowing personal strengths and desires in life. This can also lead to not being distracted by other motives in careers such as money. One of the biggest dissatisfiers in careers is having a job only for the money and a way to prevent this is by reflecting and looking for fulfillment in future goals.

Next, Angelia discussed job areas where new opportunities will exist in the future. Healthcare is one of the highest growing professions because previous generations will be retiring from their jobs and need healthcare providers to take care of them, therefore this career aspect will expand and be a rewarding option. Professionals such as scientists, accountants, analysts, IT professionals, and technology specialists are also areas with abundant opportunities. Other careers in education, managers/executives, creative, and engineering all have growth opportunities. Data predicts that by 2030, 75% of the workforce will be made up of employees under 35. As mentioned before, previous generations will retire and the new generation will need to learn fast to take over businesses and positions.

Then, Angelia presents the changes occurring and new opportunities for the upcoming generation. Workers are quitting their jobs for new ones for reasons including changing career paths, more flexibility, bad managers/environment, etc. This generation will be able to demand a workforce never seen before as companies have to figure out more justification to keep jobs for the new generation. The main reason for this is that the new workplace will be so focused on having a better work culture, that they are willing to give up pay for a change.

The changes in the workplace culture include inclusivity, diversity, and growth opportunities. “Culture is not a place, but a mindset”. Angelia introduced us to a study by LinkedIn and Glassdoor on data and statistics study for the new generations. The study showed that there would be greater demand for diversity, flexibility, and wellness/health in the future workplace. The workplace of the future will have more benefits and new opportunities will advance at an accelerated rate as companies are expanding advantages and opportunities for the new generation. When new generations are asking for jobs, more questions are being asked of companies as to what they offer. The future is really bright and the time is ripe for new changes, the new generation is going to be able to have more choices to choose from.

Lastly, Angelia states a way to take advantage of these new opportunities: to build resumes to have internships and build connections to gain experience with the brands and companies.

After the informative speech from Angelia Pelham, YES introduced the Thanksgiving volunteering activity. The members will make Thanksgiving cards to give out to seniors in senior homes, wishing them a happy holiday. Stickers, stationery, and candy were passed out to each table to take the time to have a little holiday festivity. The meeting began to fill with chatter and laughter over decorating their new holiday crafts.

Afterward, a few YES officers Jenny Shi, Abraham Zhang, and Allen Zhang presented awards and shared their experiences about the Frisco Arts Walk and Run event. The event was a fun experience for all the YES members and prizes were given to the first, second, and third-place winners from the run for the different age categories. Ending the meeting on a reminiscent note.

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