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YES 2022 End-of-Year Party

By Selina Wang

And the tail of December, YES hosted its 2022 End-of-Year at Allen Community Ice Rink. All the YES members came together and joined this fun bonding skating event. We were also happy to see our former YES president Derek Zhang and YES alumni William Li coming back to YES!

Everyone greeted each other and started to talk about all the fun stories that happened during the winter break. YES officers and members decorated the party zone area, then everyone went off onto the ice rink and enjoyed their time!

After some personal social time, our YES officers decided to start the game “Hostage” while we skates. This game certainly created a lot of laughter and screams, but more importantly, it allows all the members to be more familiar with one another and bond with each other during this fun event!

At the end of the event, our wonderful PTA prepared each member a lunch bag of snacks, and

some of our YES members enjoyed a great lunch at In-n-out, which successfully concluded our 2022 End of Year Party. It had been a great year for everyone and let’s say YES to another wonderful New Year!

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