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First United Bank Business Tour

By Jenny Shi

On March 14, the Youth Entrepreneurs Society held its first business tour event, hosted by the First United Bank in Plano. At this tour, YES members learned about the banking industry and discussed the daily tasks for careers in banking. YES members were introduced to the bank workspace and observed the employees’ work in progress. On the lower floor of the bank, YES members looked at the bank’s drive-thru behind the scenes in the workplace, the guide introduced everyone to the many advanced technologies implemented in banking for transactions with clients and consumers. Next, YES members moved into the vault of the bank, a heavily secured space for storing valuables, records, and documents. Then, everyone was led to the main office area where they could observe work in progress and learn about the overall workspace. Afterward, the tour was led upstairs to the common rest area/dining area, where we learned about the emphasis on good work culture at the First United Bank. The tour ended at a conference room where the panel discussion was taking place. D’Andre A., a worker at First United Bank, first introduced to YES members the bank’s four pillars: Faith, Financial well-being, Health, and Growth. The First United Bank emphasizes community involvement and healthy work culture for their employees. In the panel discussion, YES members were delighted to listen and learn from the President of FUB and the Financial Managers.

The discussion started with an introduction about each of the speakers and their jobs. D’Andre A. then asked some inquisitive questions such as “What are the best parts about their jobs and their biggest challenges” and “What do employers look for in an interview”. The YES members learned about how each speaker got to where they were. All three speakers didn’t initially choose banking as their first occupation, but eventually found their jobs at the First United Bank to be suitable and fulfilling. They discussed how detailed work and communication skills are essential in the bank workplace. The speakers also discussed how there are distinct differences between commercial and retail banking jobs, in which retail banking is more focused on helping retail customers in the general public with financial situations, whereas commercial banking is more overall and helps businesses with funds, loans, and other financial help. At the end of the panel discussion, an intern opportunity offered to university juniors at the FUB was introduced and publicized to the YES members.

In conclusion, the bank tour event was an extraordinary learning experience for all YES members. The tour led to informative occupational knowledge at the bank and provided exposure to the bank industry. YES members gained more insight into potential career opportunities and learned more about realistic perspectives in this career field.

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