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2024 YES End of Year Celebration

By Annie Chen

On May 31, 2024, the Youth Entrepreneur Society gathered for an evening of celebration, recognition, and entrepreneurial fervor at their end-of-year event. With a packed agenda featuring speeches, auctions, competitions, and awards, the event promised to be both memorable and inspiring for all attendees. With much credit to our hardworking and dedicated PTA and advisors for organizing the venue, the evening kicked off with opening statements by YES President Jeannette Yang and Senior Advisor Kevin Su, both of whom will be graduating this year.

During the end-of-year remarks by YES officers, they reflected on their most memorable experiences during the 2023-24 YES chapter. As they recounted successful events, impactful projects, and growth in membership, there was a palpable sense of pride among attendees, highlighting the collective dedication to fostering entrepreneurship among the youth. Individuals like Kathy Xia and Tiffany Zhang recounted the YES Launch and how it taught them the valuable skill of team cooperation. While others like Emma Lin and Eric Qian described the impact that the March business tour at Lemnis Capital had on their perception of financing. Social Media Manager Amy Xu also commemorated the hard work of the social media and journalist teams, encouraging all members to read their articles and visit the YES social media page (which they very much should). A significant portion of the evening was dedicated to recognizing the seniors who were graduating as well—a poignant moment acknowledging their contributions to YES and wishing them success in their future endeavors. Applause filled the room as each graduate was called forward, their achievements celebrated by peers and mentors alike. YES commends this years’ seniors: Jeannette Yang, Kevin Su, Jiayu Fan, Olivia Xiao, and Allison Zhang for all their hard work and diligence in serving both YES and their communities.

The excitement peaked with the first live auction of the night, where attendees had the opportunity to bid on a variety of items generously donated by local businesses and supporters of YES. From exclusive services to unique products, the auction showcased the spirit of entrepreneurship and community generosity. From baking classes with Brawl Stars enthusiasts Amy Xu and Sally Wang, to a promising and much-to-be-desired SINGER M1150 Mechanical Sewing Machine donated by Josephina Qiu, the first live auction also featured debate classes with Eric Qian (another Brawl Stars enthusiast). After a quick snack break and high stakes YES Kahoot trivia, the spotlight turned to the main event—the Youth Entrepreneur Society Launch Competition. Seven teams, each brimming with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, took to the stage to present their business concepts to a panel of judges and the audience. With diverse ventures spanning technology, sustainability, and social impact, the competition underscored the depth of talent within YES and the potential for positive change through entrepreneurship. This evening we saw original and creative pitches such as Prepquest, a SAT prep gaming platform, and Sproutlet, an innovative childcare bracelet product. Some groups took on a more technological aspect of business, with Skills For Living and Forvene AI utilizing web browsers and artificial intelligence to sell their services. While others aimed to create an environmental impact with edible water bottles and more dubiously edible plant-based disinfectants such as HydrATE and Green Clean. The results of the YES Launch would be revealed later that night with the YES Awards. 

As anticipation built throughout the pitches, the second live auction added an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings. Attendees enthusiastically engaged in well-spirited bidding, fueling the fundraising efforts and further demonstrating their support for YES's mission. During this second live auction, we saw offers for teacher-smart AI speakers and an art piece donated by Kevin Su. Or as what Allen Zhang described as, “a piece of work holding another piece of work”. After advertising his own dog walking service, bidders were surprised with the additional auctioning of a never before used SINGER M1150 Mechanical Sewing Machine!

Finally, it was time for the much-anticipated awards ceremony, where outstanding achievements were recognized and celebrated. From Passion to Perfect Attendance, each award served as a testament to the creativity, hard work, and dedication exhibited by YES members throughout the year. Earning the Achievement Award was Jeannette Yang. The Team Leader Award was given to Sally Wang, Bryan Tong, Allen Zhang, and Andy Xu. Tiffany Zhang was awarded the Outstanding Contributions and Service Award. Additional Service Award winners were Kathy Xia and Matthew. YES also congratulated Amy Xu and Emma Lin for the Team Player Award, as well as Eric Qian and Ella Liu for the Passion Award. Earning the Citizenship Award was Vivian Zhou, and Perfect Attendance went to Josephina Qiu and Sarah Yan. Youth Entrepreneurs Society celebrates and congratulates these members for their commitment and efforts in YES. Finally, it was time to reveal the winners and placements for the YES Launch Competition. With much credits and appreciation to both our sponsors and judges for providing the generous donations that doubled this year’s reward money, the results of the 2024 YES Launch were announced: In third place winning $300 was Green Clean, in second place winning $400 was HydrATE, and winning the grand prize of $500 in first place was Sproutlet. Regardless of the monetary value and competitive nature of this star event, all members gained the valuable experiences and values of teamwork, entrepreneurship, and original thinking. 

As the event drew to a close, attendees departed with a renewed sense of inspiration and camaraderie, energized by the evening's festivities and eager to continue their entrepreneurial journeys. This event would not have been possible without the support of our PTA members, our sponsors, the beautiful venue provided by Apricus Venue, the decorations planned by event designer Mrs. Lilian Chavira, and the YES orchestra, whose beautiful music accompanied us throughout the event. If available, please write a review to Mrs. Lilian Chavira’s company ( to appreciate her hard work. In addition, by donating a total of $2000 of cash prize for the YES Launch competition, the following sponsors played a huge part in the success of the ceremony – advisor and mentor Ted Su, lead YES Launch mentor Frank Yang, competition judge Mr. William Tsao, and competition Lead Judge Mr. Charlie Tian, sponsor Mrs. SEED, and sponsor Mrs. Zhe Guan. We also want to thank the following incredible mentor team this year who led and encouraged the kids in continuing their startup ideas: Mr. Ted Su, Mr. Frank Yang, Mr. Alan Chew, Mr. Laurence Chiang, Mr. Tom Tong, and Mr. Jie Song. With the 2024 end-of-year celebration serving as a fitting conclusion to another successful chapter in YES's story, the future looks bright for the next generation of innovators and changemakers.

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