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2023 YES Frisco Arts Walk and Run

By Iris Lee

This October, the Youth Entrepreneurship Society participated in the Frisco Arts Walk and Run. YES members woke up bright and early to set up stands and begin warm ups for the run.

The scenic three mile route through a sculpture garden as artists performed was a stunning experience, encompassing performances from the Collin County Ballet Theatre, singers from Melody of Hope, and painters from the Visual Arts Guild.

Participants ranged from 1 year to 81 years old, with participants across Texas cities, state lines, and even a participant from Antwerp, Belgium. The event brought together people of all ages and origins to spend a day of fun appreciating the arts and exercising like never before.

The Frisco Arts Walk and Run also helped create friendly competition, as participants competed with others in their age groups to reach the finish line first. Even then, many participants chose to take things slow and enjoy spending time with friends and family. Every participant’s individual time was recorded, which gave each a sense of accomplishment. Prizes were also handed out to the finishers, including a stunning purple and orange medal from Kaleidoscope Park. Winners received an extra glass award with a swirling prismatic design within, and a choice of artwork to take home.

All in all, the Frisco Arts Walk and Run was an amazing event, filled with great performances, enthusiastic participants, and tons of fun. YES cannot wait for next year’s run!

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