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YES January Meeting

During the January meeting, the esteemed Maria Tu, the current Mayor Pro Tem of Plano was our speaker. She talked to us about the importance of not giving up, and turning a no into a maybe and finally a yes.

Her first example of this was during college, when the leader of the school, Dan Evans, refused to pay her club a visit. She went to his office, sat down, and explained to him how important it was for him to be involved in his own school’s affairs. This caused him to come to the meeting, which led to a chain spiral of events.

First, he invited Maria to help his campaign for a political seat. This showed Maria a whole new world, and she decided to go into law.

However, after working and earning lots of money for wealthy clients, Maria felt depressed. She felt like she hadn’t found her true passion, so she decided to quit her job and move to Texas.

There, she and her husband started a sushi business together. Maria began to send sushi to Whole foods so she and her husband could sell sushi there. However, Whole Foods said they were not interested. Here, Maria again shows how determined she is and sent sushi there every single day until they were finally accepted. After that, their ten-box starter increased to one hundred and business began to boom.

Later, Maria decided to go into law again but for a different reason, to protect those who cannot protect themselves. She defended those who had no one in criminal law and gave them a chance, while she worked hard in and out of the courtroom. She had found her purpose, helping those who could not help themselves.

In the end, Maria asks us an important question. What are our goals and purpose?

It is very important for every single of us to find the reason for living in this world and find the one thing that we enjoy doing.

After the speech, there was a presentation about the Chinese New Year that featured amazingly crafted slides and calligraphy. There was also a trivia game where YES members answered questions about Chinese New Year and received lucky tokens as a prize.

Lastly, YES members got into groups and brainstormed ideas they would work on for the rest of the year and presented in front of the whole group.

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