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Richardson Chinese New Year Gala

Jan 20, 2023

By Jenny Shi

On January 14th, the Youth Entrepreneur Society starts off the new year with an opportunity to volunteer at the Chinese New Year Festival Gala. Since 2019, 2023 is the first year that the Richardson Spring Festival Gala is back in person. This event celebrates the cultural aspect of Chinese New Year and embraces the Chinese community.

At the event, volunteers arrived beforehand, dressed in qipaos and suits, to help set up the venue by putting up Chinese new year decorations, preparing for the VIP guests room, greeting VIP guests, etc.

The Spring Festival Gala main event was the beautiful performances celebrating new years. Performances such as Chinese dances, Zither (Guzheng) melodies, orchestral songs, and Beijing opera were performed in front of hundreds of audience members, showcasing amazing cultural representation in celebration for the new years. The highlight of the Chinese New Year show was the piano performance of Giovanni Marradi, a world renowned pianist, attracting the attention of everyone the moment he stepped on stage. His music was beautiful and accompanied by a magnificent violin player Edgar Sandoval.

YES emphasizes the cultural aspect of community. Chinese New Years is a commonly celebrated event in the Chinese community and YES values culture and community participation. Through this volunteering experience, YES members were able to learn more about Chinese New Years and contribute to the community around them.

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