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YES Orchestra Performance at McKinney Asian Festival

By Ted Ma

On a lovely and beautiful Saturday afternoon on March 23, our members of the YES

Orchestra joined with many performers and volunteers to recognize and celebrate rich Asian culture and history in the McKinney Asian Festival. It was very crowded, people enjoyed a variety of foods, performances, education booths, etc.

These were the YES Orchestra members that performed at the festival:

Ashley (violin 1)

Ted (violin 1)

Raymond (violin 1)

Warner (violin 2)

Richard (violin 2)

Audrey (violin 2)

Jean (viola)

Roy (cello)

Jason (cello)

Sally (announcer)

Sally first introduced YES and shared what YES does to the broader audiences. It was a great outreach presentation. Then she introduced our YES Orchestra to the stage.  

The orchestra performed two beautiful Chinese songs at the McKinney Asian Festival. They played "Jasmine," a famous Chinese folk song, and "Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin" (The Moon Represents My Heart), a popular Chinese song by Teresa Teng.

On the stage, the wind was a little strong, but our music notes were flying just like the melody we were playing. Everyone applauded after our performance.

Mrs. Ivy Sun, the one of the founders and advisor of YES, was also there to support us. She was very proud of everyone who performed that afternoon! As a retreat, every performer received a YES Badge and yummy snacks!

Congratulations to all the amazing performers who dedicated their time to showcase their talents and represent their culture at the festival! Thank you to everyone involved! Most importantly, thank you very much to all the parents who spent a lot of time quietly behind the scenes.

We are proud to represent the YES organization, an esteemed group dedicated to promoting youth empowerment and social change through various initiatives and programs.

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