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YES 2024 Business Tour

By Iris Lee

During March, YES held an exclusive business tour with Lemnis Capital, a branch of Equitable focusing on empowering clients and their families through finance planning. Lemnis Capital’s logo especially shows the company’s calling; the aspen trees showcasing deep roots that sprout new foundations and the infinity symbol promoting infinite capital.

YES members were greeted by a delicious breakfast set up created by Lemnis employees, which was followed by a presentation. The presentation consisted of introductions for employees, educational exploration over post and pre tax and Roth IRAs, describing benefits of financial planning and it’s steps, and lastly recommendations to secure internships. Ryan Wood and Mikayla Born, the President and Vice President, respectively, gave encouraging, life changing speeches about discovering self and how they got to where they are today. 

After the eye opening presentation, YES members were guided through a comprehensive tour that showcased Lemnis Capital’s family like workplace environment. Members got to experience cubicle worklife, an open table setting, and high rise meeting areas. Furthermore, they also observed financial advisors working in real time.

Overall, the Lemnis tour proved to be a great opportunity and learning experience for YES! 

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