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2020 November Golf Event

Big Data

By Catalina Zou

On November 1, 2020, YES members were given the opportunity to have a small group experience of golf at the SFT Athletics Center in Plano. Attendees were able to learn the basics of putting and swinging, as well as putting that knowledge into practice with a trainer. One of the golf trainers, Stanley Jian, gave parents an introductory presentation about the background of golf, including the game’s history, rules, selection of golf clubs, etc. At the end of each small group section, every student received a certificate of participation.

Aside from the actual game, the trainers brought up the fact that golf is also relevant in the business world. Golf is a popular sport among business leaders and people of upper class, as it is fairly relaxing and low-risk in terms of injuries. Golf is also a powerful networking tool, and it is a great way to establish business relationships.

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