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2024 YES January Meeting

By Annie Chen

The initiation of Youth Entrepreneur Society’s first meeting of the 2024 year was a statement of both remembered and realized ambitions. But more importantly, this fresh start advocates for progress and leadership- two of many qualities that YES aims to cultivate in our members. With the resolution to improve their own abilities as well as the quality of their community, ardent YES members gathered on Sunday, January 21 at the Plano Davis Library to achieve these constructive goals. With an agenda full of opportunities to network and brainstorm ideas for the YES Launch Startup, this month’s meeting was above all else enhanced by the esteemed speaker and executive vice president/chief marketing officer of Globe Life Inc., Jennifer Haworth.

Opening statements were given by the president, Jeanette Yang and vice president of fundraising, Allen Zhang as they introduced Jennifer Haworth. The company that she is heavily credited for in building its brand image, Globe Life Inc., is a multibillion life insurance company with the aim of reducing financial burden. Today, Globe Life Inc. is noted for being the 2nd most highly recognized brand in the insurance industry and DFW area as well as constructing Globe Life Field, home to the Texas Rangers, among other achievements. In her conversational, yet captivating speech, Ms. Haworth shared her experience working in said lucrative industry as well as insight on marketing as a whole.

Starting from humble beginnings, Ms. Haworth described her story of success from having originated in her talent for writing and the creative process. After taking this skill to go into marketing and advertising, she graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma. She described her first job as a “reality check”, emphasizing the importance in understanding a job, as there is so much more to a career than a major; especially when it’s in a creative field. Then, in 1997, she joined Globe Life Inc., where she’d then work for the next valuable 27 years. While the marketing team began with only 4 people, Ms. Haworth expressed her pride as it grew to over 100 talented individuals. She states that there is a common misconception about marketers and the intentions of their jobs, which she describes as a support system. Her team is responsible for all marketing, writers, graphic designers, copywriters etc., with all facilities being in house.

During her speech, Ms. Haworth also emphasized that her favorite aspect of her job was brand development. “We aren’t just an insurance company…what we really wanted to do more than anything was to tell our story and who we are… what our brand identity was gonna be,” she states. Like many other industries, Ms. Haworth expressed that her team has faced many challenges. Namely: demanding schedules, constantly changing technology, shortening attention spans, and even the recent COVID-19 Pandemic. While all of this has impacted how Globe Life Inc. receives exposure, one way that the chief marketing officer has continued to develop the brand is through association. That is, with notable sports teams like Dallas Cowboys, F.C. Dallas, and Atlanta Braves. The marketing industry boils down to product sales, job opportunities, and customer journeys- all crucial aspects in understanding consumers. 

After a very insightful question and answering session with some of the YES members, the biggest takeaway Ms. Haworth had was that, “There is no substitute for hardwork”. She acknowledged that there are contrasting interests between different generations, but states that individuals, like many of our YES members, can shift the dialogue. When asked about advice for entrepreneurship, she established that having an endgame as well as communication were both critical aspects of business startups. As the embodiment of the qualities of grit and ambition, Ms. Haworth served as the perfect inspiration for the YES Launch startup that followed her speech. 

With a few months to prepare for the YES Launch in May, during the end of year party, YES members have the chance to win award money with their innovative initiatives and support from experienced mentors. This month’s meeting ended with YES members collaborating and brainstorming business pitches- ranging from digital financial managers, art charity organizations, to insomnia-curing heated blankets. Truly, it has been a productive start to the new year.

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