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2021 September Meeting

Motivation and Success

By: Sarah Tang, Olivia Xiao, Catalina Zuo

Twenty years ago on this day, the attack on America left the world shook. It was a day filled with terror and sorrow, and it continues to be an event that people have yet to heal from. As we continue to move forward, we still look back to remember those who were lost. On September 11, 2021, YES held its monthly meeting at the Renaissance hotel. YES President Derek started the meeting by remembering those who lost their lives on 9/11 and commemorates the 20th year since the calamity.

Next, Kevin Su introduces Maria Tu, our guest speaker. Mrs. Tu has served the Plano community in various organizations, including Collin County Lawyers Association, Plano Chamber of Commerce, Texas Bar Foundation and Texas Diversity Council, and has been awarded the Top Achievers' Heart of a servant award for 2019. She is currently the Deputy Mayor Pro Tem of the city of Plano, and also runs her own law practice serving Plano families. As a business pioneer, she has founded a food chain in the North Texas region.

Maria Tu gave an inspirational speech to the YES members through her own experience. Mrs. Tu walks us through her remarkable life, from her childhood, through college education, to her successful career as a lawyer, businesswoman, and mayor/politician. Mrs. Tu emphasized the importance of finding one’s goal and purpose in life, and how to achieve it through hard work and persistence. She shares her own experience of starting a sushi business. After being rejected by Whole Foods to sell sushi for 30 days, by bringing samples of sushi every day, Mrs. Tu finally persuaded the store to give her a consignment. Today, the sushi business has flourished and has become a chain store. Maria Tu also shared her story of finding meaning in “meaningless” work. As a mail sorter for Senator Daniel J. Evans, she took the initiative to write summaries and daily reports of letters for the senator. Self-motivation and growth has allowed Maria Tu to become successful today, and she now focuses on her mission to help people who cannot help themselves. She concludes her speech with a mission for all the participants: to find your motivation and work towards success.

Before closing the meeting, we had an engaging “Shark Tank” activity to learn about pitching business ideas. YES members were divided into groups and came up with products to make a pitch to judges Derek and Fiona, and the audience.

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