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2018 December Holiday Party

It’s Time to Get Festive!

By Li Shen

Sat. Dec 15th-- Youth Entrepreneur Society always says YES to teamwork. The importance of friendship is often ignored when people think of the keys to success even though it’s an incredibly important asset in all aspects of society.

Although the same team had been participating in the YES program since it’s creation, there hadn’t been much of a chance to personally get to know each other. The most important factor that differentiates a mediocre collaboration from an amazing one was missing.

During this festive season, YES’s holiday party at Strike’s Entertainment encouraged connection between members from different schools and districts throughout the DFW area. It was amazing how people opened up to each other over a game of bowling and were able to laugh together in a 15 minute game of laser tag.

Laughter filled the air as people celebrated their winnings from the arcade games. When Kristina Fan hit the 500 ticket jackpot on the Big Bass Wheel, everyone celebrated together. Simply over the course of two hours, strangers had created friendships.

Through this more casual get together, a group became a team. YES look towards a bright future in 2019!

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