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YES 2021 Kickoff Meeting


A Warm Welcome

By: Sarah Tang, Olivia Xiao, Catalina Zuo

Welcome to a new year of YES! On August 14, 2021, YES had it’s 4th annual kickoff meeting at the Renaissance hotel. After a long year of online Zoom meetings, we were finally able to connect with one another in-person. During this meeting, we had VIP guests Matt Shaheen, Helen Du, Steven Chen, Tammy Meinershagen, and Alex He. Alex He from Morgan Stanley generously donated 25 copies of the book, “Your Guide to Life and Money”, to YES. In total, there were about 200 participants who came to the kickoff meeting.


Co-founders Macy Su and Fiona Chen opened the meeting with their founders’ remarks - Why did they choose to build YES and what did they hope to accomplish? Through their hard work, as well as the help of many others, YES has had a lot of success in growing their program. Now, YES has more than 250 members around the world. Even in the midst of the pandemic, YES held monthly online and in-person events, and had at least 75 participants in each meeting. As the new school year is starting, YES welcomes our newly appointed president - Derek Zhang.


President Derek, Co-founders Macy and Fiona, and former president James Lu introduced YES and its core values. What is YES all about, and what are you saying YES to? These are basic questions that they addressed. Following YES’s introduction was the annual YES report. Incoming VPs Amy Tian, Kevin Su, Catalina Zuo, and William Li briefly touched upon what YES has been able to accomplish as a community for the past few years. With every good year comes a new year, and with a new president we also welcome our new leadership team! Each of the twenty-one members of the 2021-2022 leadership team were able to introduce themselves, which also became the official start of their new roles.

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