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AT&T Global Headquarters


On Monday, November 19, 2018, our YES Members toured the AT&T Global Headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Above, our students pose in front of the famed Golden Boy statue, a long standing symbol of AT&T before the globe came into popular use. 


Shortly after, members and adults gathered for a special keynote speaker, Mr. Ben Jackson, who spoke on creating the right mindset. Jackson introduced the concept of  "Entrepreneur" vs "Intrepreneur", the latter as someone who has an Entrepreneurial mindset, but works within a larger company. An Intrepreneur has the benefits of an established company's resources to "fuel that entrepreneurial spirit."


Everyone's "eyes are on you" when you're an Entrepreneur because it takes someone with resilience, patience, and interpersonal to succeed. "Anyone can lead when things are going well, but no anyone can when things aren't."


We broke off into groups after the keynote session, led by either Molly or by Sarah and Joel, employees in AT&T HQ. While Molly's group began the tour on the 24th and 37th floor, Sarah and Joel stayed behind to discuss the world of business with group B (pictured below). 


Group A on the 37th floor with a bird's eye view of downtown Dallas.

As our afternoon with AT&T came to a close, Mr. Sammy Yang, the host for our tour, made the closing remarks, complete with certificates recognizing our time with them!

YES would like to give a special thanks to Sammy Yang and James Huang for organizing this amazing tour. Additionally, we would like to thank Ben Jackson, Sarah, Joel, and Molly for guiding us and providing our students with valuable insight.
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