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May 30, 2020 Meeting


Spring 2020 has given the world a surprise: a pandemic. Daily lives everywhere have changed. In a global effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, people have been ordered to stay home, and assembling has been harder than ever to do. However, that doesn’t mean students have to stop learning. In fact, now is the most important time for everyone to be aware. That is why, through it all, the Youth Entrepreneur Society has made an effort to hold their May meeting over Zoom, allowing its members to gain insight from a leader in the midst of all the chaos.


Dr. Robert Hendler is a Chief Medical Officer at the Texas Hospital Association and also a UT Southwestern Clinical Professor. Previously, he worked at Parkland Memorial Hospital. The health field is currently working in overdrive amidst the crisis, so who better to ask about the current world’s situation than a healthcare manager?

Dr. Hendler’s experience comes from working many years within the sector, especially within the Parkland hospital system. Hendler’s first point is that teams must be efficient, seeing as patients' lives rely on the efficiency of treatments from doctors. He compares this to industries that have suffered during the coronavirus outbreak, such as American Airlines. He explained how AA, due to management issues, failed. Instead of blaming economic troubles on external factors, sometimes a team must look inside the operation to find and solve their issues. He noted that having shared goals and good communication is always important as well, in order to prevent a blame game from breaking out when a company falls under pressure. Dr. Hendler goes on to explain traits that are important for an efficient medical team, for example being frequent, timely, accurate, and problem-solving. Hendler’s ultimate message to the students is that we should analyze flaws and how to solve them, instead of spending time trying to pin the blame on someone else.


Towards the end of the online meeting, as always, students were given the opportunity to ask questions. Unsurprisingly, many of the questions addressed the Coronavirus, ranging from requests for elaboration on programs such as Medicare For All to what our future could look like even after a vaccine is found. Dr. Hendler answers all these inquiries with unique stories and perspectives. He concludes with a heartwarming discussion about his personal love for aiding others as a doctor, and how his journey has given him the resources to put his best foot forward in the present. Dr. Hendler encourages YES members to take things “one day at a time”, as even through these tough times, the future still continues to shine bright. 


The Youth Entrepreneur Society would like to thank Dr. Robert Hendler for taking the time to lead YES’s first-ever online meeting. We would also like to thank all the doctors, nurses, delivery men, volunteers, and everyone who is currently working to provide for their communities during this time. YES urges you to stay safe and to keep on thinking!

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