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November 25, 2019 Business Tour

India is one of the largest countries in the world, containing up to 1.33 billion people. With that many people, it’s difficult to keep each and everyone connected. However, this is Reliance Jio’s job, as Reliance Jio is an Indian company that specializes in many fields, such as oil, gas, and entertainment, but most importantly, they provide coverage and internet service to the population of India.

Recently, YES members were invited to tour the Reliance Jio Dallas office. Reliance Jio is a company larger than many of the telecom companies within the united states such as T Mobile and AT&T. Reliance Jio may have a small office within the Dallas area, the people inside have major ideas, one that may shape the major future that humanity dreams of.

Reliance Jio’s Vice President of Product Strategy, Nathan Smith, gave the Youth Entrepreneur Society a brief overview of some of the projects that Reliance Jio was working on. Some of these included Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing, and many other technologies. We were also shown promotional videos of some of Reliance Jio’s projects, such as a drone system to help law enforcement as well as emergency services deal with emergencies efficiently as well as safely. Another video showcased how more and more “smart” products started to use Reliance Jio’s networks in order to connect people’s lives to the internet. Connecting people to the internet seems to be one of Reliance Jio’s primary concerns. Nathan Smith showed the Youth Entrepreneur Society something that looked like a blackberry; a primitive phone by today’s standards. However, Nathan Smith explained that this phone was a bestseller in India, as it was not only cheap and affordable but as well as having many functions that a normal smartphone had. He explained that Reliance Jio had developed its own version of Netflix, of Itunes, and of many other common and popular smartphone apps for Reliance Jio’s phones. Furthermore, all these apps were given away for free, allowing for greater connectivity to the internet for an affordable price. Reliance Jio gained a competitive edge, by thinking differently and providing many of the services we see in developed countries for free in developing countries. Not only does the populace of this developing country benefit, but so does Reliance Jio, making itself one of the biggest companies in the world as well as establishing a name for itself within India.

Reliance Jio is a very innovative company, working to provide access to the internet to those who may not have it. YES is very grateful to have been able to tour the Dallas office of Reliance Jio.

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