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January 26, 2020 Meeting

Government and Business go hand in hand when it comes to the economy: the government manages business regulations and businesses boost the economy. Last Sunday, YES members had the opportunity to hear valuable advice from a Texas government representative, Matt Shaheen.

Mr. Shaheen is a supporter of the future.  His voting record in the legislature shows his support for educational policies, aiming for greater funding to high achieving teachers. 

As the first speaker of the meeting, Representative Shaheen explained some of the basics of the Texan government, such as how the Texas legislature is split into the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate. He also told his own story of the process of getting into politics, explaining that he, like many politicians, actually has a degree in business, allowing him to better understand how government policies affect local economies. This applies especially well to state-run legislatures as they often focus more on local state issues.

In YES’s second half of the meeting, Joanna Harris of GracePossible introduced the basics of branding. She first covered the benefits and effects of branding to the students. According to Harris, branding is crucial for recognition by correct consumers as well as new customers just seeing the brand. She continued, emphasizing the three main points a brand needs to convey: who/what the company is, who the company helps, and how it will help the consumers. Using these guidelines, Harris added that essential parts of branding also include value propositions and taglines to best appeal to consumers. Branding has always been extremely important and has been useful for establishing important brands such as In-N-Out Burger.

Using their new knowledge, the future entrepreneurs of YES were able to apply both Mr. Shaheen and Ms. Harris’s advice to their shark tank business group projects.

The Youth Entrepreneur Society would like to thank the guest speakers for their time and energy, as well as Amy Rattleff for organizing and providing the meeting venue. As always, none of this would have been possible without the support of YES’s parents and the USCCC committee. Thank you!

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