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The YES 2019 "Vision"

By Macy Su

January 20th, 2019 -- Youth Entrepreneur Society kicked off the new year with a bang! Members engaged in activities revolving around creating their New Year's Vision through Vision Boards. Each member cut and paste parts from magazines to highlight what their goals as students and business professionals are for 2019. 


Above, YES Member Xinyi Li creates her vision board, sharing with YES Reporter, Li Shen. Below, Li shares her vision board, focusing on Health, change, self-improvement, and beauty.


YES Mentor, Jonathan Alpart, begins our organization's newest project: Shark Tank. Students will work together to create a model, prototype, or pitch of a product or idea. After the creation of their vision boards, YES members discuss ideas for innovations. Environmental problems arose and were subsequently addressed with head-on approaches to solve the issues, such as water conservation and pollution.


Other aspects, such as trivial matters in everyday life, also arose and members engaged in discussion on probable solutions to problems we all face. All these factors were broken down through further conversation and Mr. Jonathan Alpart divided them into sections that can then be split into teams. As the new year progresses, so will these ideas, from pen-to-paper to real-life-applications! 


YES is looking forward to furthering these student members' ideas in the coming months and taking from all our vision boards to create an even broader vision for the organization.

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